Sunday, April 12, 2020

Paper Scrap Basket

I am posting a few cards in which I've used paper scraps to make a basket of flowers and Easter eggs in the next few days and decided to write instructions in a separate post. I'm sorry they are messy! I seldom provide tutorials... so hope this works for you. 
Above are samples of two baskets. The one on the right is the one detailed below. The other version was made from lighter colored paper. After it was put together, I added shading with a tan marker and highlights with a white colored pencil. 

 STEP 1- Cut a scrap of cardboard into a square to make a base for the basket. I upcycled a tissue box, but any similar weight of cardboard will work. The This adds strength so that you can actually put things into it! (I usually make a small square basket. You can make the basket any size you prefer.) Cut paper into 1/2 inch wide strips that are at least an inch longer than the length needed. (You can use kraft or tan cardstock, or use strips from a brown paper bag!) 

 STEP 2- Attach a strip of adhesive along the left edge of the base, line up the strips and press the ends to attach them. (I prefer double-stick tape but other options will work.)

 STEP 3- Attach a strip of adhesive along the right edge of the base.  Fold the strips around and across the base, bringing the ends up at the right side. Gently line them up, and then fold the ends onto the adhesive and press to attach them. 

 STEP 4- Flip the base over and it will look like this. 

 STEP 5- Attach a strip of adhesive along the bottom edge of the base. Line up the paper strips and press the ends onto the adhesive to attach them. 

 STEP 6- Lay the basket base on the table so that the back of it is facing down. Gently fold the bottom strips up over the front of the basket so that they line up nicely, then crease them across the bottom. 

 STEP 7- Flip the base over and add a strip of transparent tape to all three sides to secure the ends of the paper strips.

 STEP 8- Gently weave the paper strips from the bottom, up through the horizontal strips, alternating the over/under placement of the strips. (See photo of the finished basket for help)  This takes a bit of maneuvering, but if you take your time and work gently you shouldn't have any rips. When finished, trim the loose ends along the top of the base. 

 STEP 9- Cut one strip of kraft scrap that is a bit wider than the other strips to serve as the top strip of your basket. For my sample basket, this top strip is 3/4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches long. Attach a small amount of adhesive along the upper right and left top of the basket's back. Gently attach one end of the top strip to the left side, don't press it down securely yet. Wrap it around the front of the basket, so that it is slightly "taller" than the trimmed strips, and fold the remaining end onto the adhesive on the right side. Check to see if placement looks correct. If it does, press the ends securely to attach. 
If desired, you can fold the top strip so that it extends a bit at the end, like with the tan basket below.

 STEP 10- When finished, you'll have created a woven "pouch" into which you can insert anything you desire, flowers, Easter eggs, or maybe even a small treat or gift card? 


  1. Brilliant tutorial. Will definetly be trying this out. Thanks for showing. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Love this!!! I have to give this a try sometime!


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